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RTSFS Happenings This Month - Book Group, Party!, Local Authors

Lots going on this month!

First up is book group, Tuesday June 19th at the Southpoint B&N, 7pm. Book will be Robinson's Green Mars. Green Mars was supposed to have been last month's discussion, but since Robinson's Mars books are so tightly interwoven, most of us felt a need to read Red Mars first, so May's meeting ended up being mostly all about Red Mars. So this month, June, will actually be the Green Mars discussion.

Second, come celebrate the 15th anniversary of RTSFS's founding! Saturday June 23rd, 8pm, at ConTemporal, room TBA at the con -- look for flyers at the con and in the usual places that conventions post room party announcements. ConTemporal info here:

Third, local SF authors roundtable is back at the Cary B&N, Tuesday June 26th, 7pm. Featuring Tony Daniel, David Drake, Kelly Gay, John Kessel, James Maxey, Lisa Shearin and Mark Van Name.

Yes, we're only 18 days away from our big birthday bash! Not quite Sweet Sixteen, but still, a milestone for the area's longest running sf club (that I'm aware of).

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