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Party Thanks

Great party yesterday!

Extra-special thanks to Sam for hosting, and for bringing in a broader group than we've had at past events. It was fantastic seeing some new faces, plus hanging out with old friends I haven't seen in far too long. Thanks also for arranging the beer- and wine-tasting. paulcory and I will definitely put Full Steam Brewery on our to-visit list for 2011, and we also know now not to get the Hogwash hickory-smoked porter--yowza, that's not a "sweet, subtle smoke," it's sledgehammer o' smoke! Might make an awesome marinade, though. :)

Silly me, I had thought things wouldn't go past 8pm--Paul had to drag me away kicking and screaming from a lively, intelligent discussion at 10:30pm, because we still had chores to do. That's the sign of a good party; you don't want it to end.

Thanks also to everyone who came out, who participated in the silly gift exchange, who brought food/drinks, and who just showed up and had a grand old time.

This was the one of the biggest turnouts ever for one of our events, I think. I didn't do an official head count, and the space was pretty big, so it was hard to tell. But it looked like a big crowd. More importantly, it looked like people were having fun, and that was good.

We didn't get around to playing Fiasco, so I'm thinking that a dedicated Games Night is definitely in order sometime in the new year.

Book group also didn't get around to discussing Gateway, which was good, since I didn't get around to reading it (long story short: person who offered to loan me a copy couldn't find it).

Whatever you celebrate, here's hoping everyone has a wonderful holiday.

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