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Book group tomorrow: Dreamsnake, and DETOUR

For those of you who don't live in the area, you may be unaware of the major construction project now going on:

This affects book group because our meeting location is just off Revere Road.

If you get to book group by coming up Revere from the stoplight at Highway 54, you'll need to take an alternate way into the neighborhood. I suggest, especially if you're not familiar with Parkwood, that you go down to the light at Hwy. 55 and Sedwick, where the Greenwood Commons shopping center is, and turn onto Sedwick and come into the neighborhood that way. You'll drive up Sedwick then make a right on Revere at the stop sign, and our location will be on the left instead of the right.

Here's a map:

Book is Dreamsnake; yes, our schedule is FUBAR.

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