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How festive! Party Dec. 19th, 3pm

Annual holiday party is Sunday Dec. 19th, 3pm, 3060 Colony Road, Durham NC. Here's a map of the location:

This is the multi-story club house in Colony Woods, Sam Montgomery-Blinn of Bull Spec has been kind enough to reserve it for us. This is what he says about the space: "It's quite big, with two split-off rooms which could each seat 20 for breakout conversations/gaming whatever, a very, very large room downstairs which could hold 40-50 (I might suggest this as a "kids room" or similar), and the main space upstairs with an oven, fridge, etc. which could easily hold another 40-50. And decent sized bathrooms."

We will be having the traditional RTSFS Silly Gift Exchange; participation is entirely optional. This is basically a Yankee Gift Swap/Dirty Santa kind of thing.

In past years we've put low dollar limits on the amount people can spend, but this year, just use common sense. If you see a really cool, fun thing for $15, go for it. Me, I use Think Geek and Archie McPhee for inspiration and go from there. :)

Short version of the rules: buy a fun/silly gift. Wrap it. Don't put a nametag on it. Bring it to the party. Once everyone who wants to play has arrived, we put numbers in a hat and draw to see who picks first. That person unwraps a present. Next person can either take Person #1's gift or open a new one. And so it goes. Very quickly you will discover that there are one or two presents that everyone seems to want, and they'll get "stolen" quite frequently. It's all good-hearted fun.

General rules for Yankee Gift Swaps are here (note that we don't use the optional final three "hard core" rules):

Food and drinks: RTSFS will provide basics--plates, cups, napkins, disposable silverware, and ice, plus a few sodas and a couple bags of chips and cookies--if you'd like to bring something additional to share, that would be most welcome.

Games: since Sam says there's plenty of room, if people want to bring board games that would be fantastic. I can bring Apples to Apples and various flavors of Munchkin and Chez Geek.

Book group: At some point when we're all at the party, the book group subset will go take over a corner of the clubhouse and discuss Fred Pohl's Gateway.

Hope to see you all there!

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