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December-January Happenings, Scott Card Tonight at Quail Ridge

Tonight, Dec. 1st, 7:30pm at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh: Orson Scott Card:

Tomorrow, Dec. 2nd, 7pm at the Brier Creek Barnes & Noble, Clay & Susan Griffiths will be signing copies of their new novel, The Greyfriar, book one of the Vampire Empire series.

Dec. 7th: "Genre" night at Durham South Regional Library in RTP. Monthly Genre Fiction Book club discussion from 7-8pm. December is Science Fiction, so come out and talk about your favorite SF in Durham's shiniest, newest, library.

Dec. 17th: Fifth annual cookie decorating party at Jeff and Tracey's. Details here.

Dec. 19th: Annual holiday party is Sunday Dec. 19th, 3pm, 3060 Colony Road, Durham NC. Here's a map of the location:

For those who've asked, this is the multi-story club house in Colony Woods, Sam Montgomery-Blinn of Bull Spec has been kind enough to reserve it for us. This is what he says about the space: "It's quite big, with two split-off rooms which could each seat 20 for breakout conversations/gaming whatever, a very, very large room downstairs which could hold 40-50 (I might suggest this as a "kids room" or similar), and the main space upstairs with an oven, fridge, etc. which could easily hold another 40-50. And decent sized bathrooms."

We WILL be having the traditional RTSFS Silly Gift Exchange. This is basically a Yankee Gift Swap/Dirty Santa kind of thing. In past years we've put low dollar limits on the amount people can spend, but this year, just use common sense. If you see a really cool, fun thing for $15, go for it. Participation is optional; you don't have to participate in the SGE if you come to the party.

General rules for Yankee Gift Swaps are here: Note: we don't use the optional "hard core" final three rules. Me, I use Think Geek and Archie McPhee for inspiration and go from there. :)

Dec. 19th: Book group - meeting within the holiday party. At some point when we're all at the party, we'll go take over a corner of the clubhouse and discuss Fred Pohl's Gateway.

January 12, 2011, at the Regulator in Durham: SF authors' night organized by Bull Spec Magazine

January 18th, 7pm, RTSFS book group: book is Vonda McIntrye's Dreamsnake. Location TBD, depending on where the regulars want to go.

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